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1994-1999 Ph.D. (Elemental Speciation by Negative Ion Electrospray Mass Spectrometry) - University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta with Prof. Gary Horlick.

1989-1993 B.Sc. Chemistry (Major) - University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Professional Member of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry and Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry.

Dr. David Barnett received his bachelor degree in chemistry from the University of New Brunswick (Fredericton, NB) in 1993 and his PhD in analytical chemistry from the University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB) in 1999 with a specialization in mass spectrometry.

Dr. Barnett has 32 articles in peer-reviewed journals and a total of 17 issued patents.

University affiliation :

  • Adjunct professor at the department of chemistry and biochemistry at Mount Allison University in Sackville.
  • Adjunct professor at the department of chemistry and biochemistry at Université de Moncton.

Research interests

Dr. David Barnett brings an expertise in organic and biological mass spectrometry to the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute. David is responsible for the maintenance and operation of several mass spectrometers including a hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap (Q-Exactive, Thermo-Fisher Scientific), a linear quadrupole ion trap (LTQ-XL, Thermo-Fisher Scientific), a triple quadrupole (API-2000, AB/Sciex) and a hybrid quadrupole/time-of-flight (Q-ToF Ultima, Waters). All of this equipment is interfaced via electrospray ionization with either analytical or nano-scale liquid chromatography platforms.

In addition to the routine identification of proteins arising from gel-based fractionation of complex samples, David's lab continues to refine sample processing protocols for the identification of potential protein biomarkers isolated from microvesicle (exosome) purifications. Relative protein quantitation experiments using heavy isotope metabolic labeling (i.e., stable isotope labeling of amino acids in cell culture, SILAC) are also combined with high-resolution, accurate mass measurements on the hybrid quadrupole/Orbitrap platform. David also works to develop and enhance a relatively new mass spectrometry related technology called FAIMS (high-field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry) for targeted quantitative chemical analysis.

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Fax.: 506-862-7571

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